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About us & what we offer

South Face Guides, Ltd. has been in business for over 15 years and offers world-class treks, climbs, tours, and adventures.  We can custom tailor almost anything for you in any location you can possibly imagine.

Our Staff:

David A. Ehlers, Head Guide at South Face.  He has climbed extensively in South America and Europe, and has climbed Rainier and Grand Teton at the age of 17.  He has made many Winter ascents of Mt. Washington, starting at the age of 16.  He has guided in South America, and has summited Aconcagua several times, by different routes.  He has also made a summer traverse of the Haute Route, and has climbed Mt. Blanc and Jungfrau, among others. He has also lead climbs in Alaska.  People who have climbed and trekked with David say he is a capable leader who does his utmost to see that his clients have a great time and an authentic adventure experience. He is also knowledgeable in wilderness and high altitude medicine. More about David  

Rebekka Wendeln is one of our bike tour specialists.  She is also an avid paddler and climber.  When she's not running or training you can find her knitting up wool hats or neck gaiters.   She was also on our two most recent winter climbs on Mount Washington.  Rebekka is aiming for a through hike of the AT in the next several years

Amanda Huden has been climbing for several years at Red River Gorge and Seneca Rocks.  She, too, was on our two most recent winter climbs on Mount Washington.  Amanda thinks nothing of doing a century ride (100 miles) during a rain storm.  She is another of our cycling specialists.

Hannah (age 17) has climbed rock since she was 3 and ice since she was 7.  She recently made a winter ascent of Mount Washington in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire, home of the “worst weather on the face of the planet”.   

Jeff “Jimenez” Jankowski is a climber and assistant guide.  He also works on development.  He is responsible for the recent obstacle mud 5k race, which, thanks to his perseverance, was a very successful event.  Pics will follow soon!

Hans Oberhauser, the climbing hippo, (not pictured) levitates up M11 for fun. He can be found anywhere there is a "Rock and Ice" or "Climbing" magazine to read! He admires the style of Kurt Smith, Mark Twight, Steve House and Rolo Garibotti   Hans says "Hola! (He is from Argentina)" Hans Oberhauser  

Jason Nunn (not pictured) is a Climbing Instructor, who we are very proud to have with us.  He has 12 years of Rock Climbing Experience, and is Wilderness Medicine Certified. For more info on Traditional Rock Instruction: Rock Instruction  

Luke Murray (not pictured) has extensive experience in the Chilean Andes and is Wilderness First Responder certified. Luke was one of the guides on a 10 day expedition in Alaska. Welcome Luke! We are very happy to have you with us.  

Brian Anderson (not pictured) has a wealth of experience in Red River Gorge. He is a great climber, who is patient, even with beginners. He is very knowledgeable about this area, including some very interesting hikes many people miss out on when going just to climb. Welcome Brian! We are very happy to have you with us.    

AIRPORT PICK-UP is available from most airports, round trip to the location of any of our PNW climbs.  Plenty of room for gear in our spacious vehicles.

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